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Baseboard Molding Ideas for You

The easiest and quickest way to step up the interior decor of your house is to baseboard mold it. Not only does it add to the aesthetics, it also makes the room neat, organized, and well furnished.

Wood trim is used to line the lower areas of walls in the interiors of a home or an office. This type of molding is known to fill the areas around the common point of the floor and a wall. They define a space in a room and bind the spaces in the walls and floor together. With this kind of molding, you may be able to hide flaws or blemishes in the floor or walls of your house, because it can very well conceal the gaps and cracks.

You can experiment a lot with this style by choosing the kind of wood from an array of options. The types of wood you can use are fir, pine, oak, bamboo, cherry, cypress, and ash.


Verify the dimensions of the area that needs to be molded, thoroughly before choosing and purchasing the molding.

Decide the format and style you want to place the molding in. That really counts when you want to give your room an engineered finished.

When selecting the type of wood, see to it that you select the appropriate kind.

Next, decide the textures and the color of the molding.

Before purchasing the trims, ensure that you inspect each and every piece of molding perfectly and only then bring it home. Beware of indentations, dents, or imperfections on the molding, it’ll simply murder the whole appearance.


Threshold Saddle: Used in doorways or on doors, to cover unfinished edges and install new moldings in a better way. It acts as a transition between two separate rooms in a house. There’s a flat saddle to blend with the floor and the carpet tile.

Victorian Style Baseboard: If you have a huge house, with high ceilings and large rooms, OK firstly, I envy you (wink!), and secondly this Victorian molding would be the most suitable design to install in such huge houses. They can be installed on wide window casings, high ceilings, chair rails, and so on and so forth.

Screen Mold: These are thin molding bands that are used on windows of a porch or near window screens inside the house.

Picture Rail: These are generally used to hang artworks on a wall. To prevent walls from getting damaged due to nails or hooks, use these moldings to get a better profile in your interiors.

Shoe Mold: Fills the gaps between the flooring and baseboards keeping one flat edge slightly broader than the other one. It is supposed to be installed at a shorter edge against the flooring.

Rosette: These are good for top ceiling corners in a house. They are usually installed on the crown of a window casing or on the top of a door.

Stop Bead: It can be used at the crown of any door in your house or near a window sash.

Back Band: This molding has two decorative edges, one-piece baseboard, and a casing to create a broader profile. It is mostly used to cap or wainscot the interiors.

Base Cap: This installation is pretty simple. All you have to do is trim the crown of the molding piece with finished lumber. You can use the combination of a shoe mold above to trim along the edge of the flooring.

Panel Mold: These moldings are a good way to build wainscot frames on cabinetry, walls, cornices, window casings, doorways, and chair rails.

To make it work and look smart and presentable, choose your baseboard molding wisely, keeping in mind the basic aspects of type of wood, color, texture, design, format, and style.

Ways to Create a Reading Room

If you’ve ever sat and wondered what to do with an empty room, you’ve probably at least thought about turning it into a reading room. Maybe your kids moved out, but you are not quite ready to downsize, or maybe you’re just looking to redesign a room for something new. Either way, a reading room is a great way to use an extra room in your home, and can end up being a true sanctuary for you in which you can enjoy a good book, or even a radio program, in comfort.

Reading Room Vs. Office

A reading room is different from an office, in that it should be set up as a room for recreation only. Offices are used for work, and often include a desk or other workspace. Reading rooms, however, should be places where you can separate yourself from work. Of course, you can add a desk to your reading room if you wish, but if you are looking for a place to relax without the pressure to get work done, you should consider not including office essentials – like a desk – in the space. Offices are generally designed for functionality, while reading rooms should be designed for comfort and relaxation.

What to Include

Since reading rooms are mostly for relaxation, start by choosing a good paint color. Avoid harsh or bright colors, and instead choose something that is relaxing and soothing. Then, surround yourself with things that make you comfortable. A comfy chair or two are great additions to reading rooms. You may also want to put all of your bookshelves into the room so you can easily find the book you want to read. Scented candles are also a great addition to a reading room, as they can create a warm and calming atmosphere. Pillows and curtains can also add a nice touch and make the room more comfortable and friendly.

What Not to Include

Because you want a quiet space where you do not have to worry about distractions, it is best if you keep your computer elsewhere. Otherwise, you may find yourself drawn to the computer to check your social networking sites or email. Similarly, you want to keep televisions out of your reading room. The goal is to create a space in which you can relax and separate yourself from the distractions of the day. Having a television in the room just provides another distraction. Radios, however, are acceptable additions to reading rooms, since many people enjoy music while they are reading their books. You also may not want to include more than a few seating options, since this is to be your solace, not your family’s recreation room. Also, avoid making this a multipurpose room. You do not want to include a bed to make it a guest room area as well. This will take away from your relaxation.

The Best Designs

Reading rooms can come in all sorts of designs, and a quick internet image search will show you all sorts of different options. There are even entire blogs and websites devoted to pictures of great reading rooms. The most important thing to consider, however, is what makes you comfortable. If you really like bright, red walls, then go for it. If you would rather have a sofa than a reading chair, so be it. The great thing about designing a reading room is that you get to decide for yourself what you want in it. Just make sure it will be your retreat from the distractions of the world.

Interior Design making Machines

Quality, originality and uniqueness are the three things that can impress a person while looking at a piece of art work. Quality vibrates with finest aspects of an individual, creating stabilizing effects on emotions and leaving the fragrance of a gratification marked by deep thoughts. While designing an interior of a hotel, residence or public area, the expert designer fills up the area with these qualities that leaves a long-lasting impression on the mind of the viewer. The foundation for the decisions of all the interior design is the floor, followed by walls. Such areas are not to be hidden just by ornaments of different kinds and furniture. These areas are the most vital part of the ambience of the house and they thus deserve an unshrinking precedence in eyes of the people who view them. Ornaments and furniture come and go. However, it is only the floor’s quality interior design that stands all alone, making it possible for one to emphasize that it has the stableness and the lasting power. Natural stone and marble borders designed in a delicate manner can surround a hallway or a room on either the walls or the floors. They resonate in a graceful manner with every room that they touch. They vibrate in tune with the atmosphere infusing the nature’s qualities.

Integrating new technology can help you stay nimble and competitive as a wood processor. With the guidance of an expert, you can make the change from low-tech and labor intensive traditional manufacturing processes to high-tech, computer-based manufacturing technology.

Before planning for an interior design we have to keep in mind many things. That is

Evaluate products

Perform CNC machine demonstrations

Construct prototypes

Evaluate products or parts for potential improvements in terms of labor savings, materials used, increased accuracy, or smaller run quantities

Solve specific problems such as plant layout, quality programs, safety training, production planning, machinery selection, and identification of wood moisture problems

Homag-India is here to help you. We can do

  • Design and develop products and processes
  • Procure parts
  • Conduct inspections
  • Conduct testing
  • Provide finished product quality control and assurance
  • Provide training
  • Design and fabricate custom equipment
  • Help with tooling and fixturing development
  • Maximize your manufacturing efficiency
  • Minimize costs prior to production
  • Ensure quality
  • Investigate methods of developing new or improving existing products or processes

Wood sign-making machines come in a variety of styles. Some connect to your home or office computer. Others have control boxes or hand-held pendants that allow you to get closer to the work and watch as it progresses. The method you use to cut the wood also varies. The laser machine actually vaporizes the wood rather than cutting it. The CNC routers have a programmable arm that directs the router as it carves the sign.

CNC Routers

The sign maker creates his design into one of the many CNC programs. You program in not just the shape of the sign and lettering, but also the depth. Intricate pictures cut from wood come from these machines. There are plans that allow you to build your own CNC routers and sign-making machines, or you can purchase one that’s complete. Some machines allow you to add your own router. You also can get wood-engraving machines that are complete units with no need for a router

Choose Modern Office Interior Decorating Ideas

For those who think that office spaces do just fine with a desk, a chair and possibly a cabinet to store the paperwork, think again. Even your workspace needs to be planned for adequate functionality, storage as well as style which will stimulate creativity and productivity. Here are 10 ideas for a stylish modern office interior from the best interior company in Dubai:

  1. Forget the whites and go for a change – white spaces are most common for office decor but to create a better combination while keeping the formal tone of the space, choose colours like black, grey or purple for the walls.
  2. Different work environments need different decors – If the office belongs to a bank or a finance company, formal setups are the norm and neutral colours are preferred. But if the office functions on an informal setup, choose something which will inspire the workers. Colours like deep maroons or rust are bold without losing the touch of professionalism you seek for the office.
  3. Wood always works – the warmth that wood brings to the office interior is just perfect for a modern decor. To create individual work spaces for employees, cubicles fashioned from hard wood with black trim and a single glass wall will add instant elegance to the office decor. For the walls you can go creative with the colours.
  4. Clutter free elegance – some people like to keep the office space free from distractions and any luxury interior designer in Dubai can work with great efficiency to create a suitable modern office interior design which works on the principle of clutter free spaces. Leather upholstered chairs, wooden flooring, a modern desk in black and white walls with open shelves in the same colour create an elegant space with no frills. For a splash of colour, install some plants.
  5. Simplicity is key – place a glass desk with leather and metalwork chairs, a simple floor drawer chest and include a wooden wall-length cupboard for an office that is simple yet invokes an air of power.
  6. Contrast works – a tasteful modern office decor can be created by playing to the strengths of the contrast of white and black. Glossy black chairs and desk with a modern light fixture like a floor lamp and white walls lined with white shelves covering the entire office make for a striking ambience. Install a window along a wall which gets maximum sunlight for a dramatic effect which will come from the play of natural light.
  7. A powerful triumvate – to create a dramatic effect in the office space while keeping true to the principles of modern interior design, pair blood red with black and white. Keep the flooring a red laminate, install w white desk and storage cupboards and choose a black chair. For the walls, an accent wall in red, another in black and the rest in white will create an inspiring decor.
  8. Conference mode – instead of sticking to the conventional neutral hues for the conference rooms, create a stylish space which embraces a professional ambience while at the same time evokes bonhomie and cooperation. One idea is to use wall art and simple patterns on neural walls can work great for a stylish yet formal space. Throw in some pieces of modern furniture along a long desk to enhance the ambience.
  9. Hidden functionality – if the office is plagued by space crunch, furniture with hidden storage spaces works really well. Desks with pull out drawers and cabinets, built-in cupboards and chairs with storage underneath make for ideal installations in this kind of decor scheme.
  10. Rustic style – a great style for modern offices is the vintage rustic look. Unpolished and reclaimed wood is used in abundance in these kinds of designs and walls are given a textured finish to create a vintage look. Maximum use of glass and wood makes this decor a charming office space.

For more great ideas on how to give your office space functionality, aesthetic design, personality and value, get in touch with the experts of luxury interior design in Dubai – La Sorogeeka. Renowned for their comprehensive solutions for design as well as furniture, La Sorogeeka have proven expertise of thirty years in designing homes as well as immaculate offices. Visit their offices to no more about how they can transform your office into a professional and creative space.