A Friend of Mine Took a Big Risk

My buddy has just finished closing on a house, at the age of 28. That seems a lot more impressive when you write it down than it would be if you saw the house. This is a real reclamation project, the previous owner was one of those people who could not let go of stuff no matter how useless it was. So part of the deal was that he had to clean out the place. He went to a guy who does major appliance repair in Sacramento to see if the refrigerator and the dishwasher could be fixed, but obviously he did not really need a dishwasher. His intention is to see if he can fix the place up and then turn a significant profit on the sale. That is not going to be an easy task. The whole place needs all sorts of tender love and care. There is a good bit of water damage and right now it is hard to see anyone buying the place because you can smell the scent of rotten things.

For now the goal is to make the place so that he can live in it, as he has no real choice. He did not put a lot of money in it, but that was basically all of the money that he had. So there just is not much else he can do. He came to see me today because he knew I had a dehumidifier. I put it in my truck and went to see what he had done. I was impressed by the guts that it took, if not the brains. I was looking at the place though and it seemed like a really good gamble, if you put aside all of the hard work it will take to get it fixed up.