Choose Modern Office Interior Decorating Ideas

For those who think that office spaces do just fine with a desk, a chair and possibly a cabinet to store the paperwork, think again. Even your workspace needs to be planned for adequate functionality, storage as well as style which will stimulate creativity and productivity. Here are 10 ideas for a stylish modern office interior from the best interior company in Dubai:

  1. Forget the whites and go for a change – white spaces are most common for office decor but to create a better combination while keeping the formal tone of the space, choose colours like black, grey or purple for the walls.
  2. Different work environments need different decors – If the office belongs to a bank or a finance company, formal setups are the norm and neutral colours are preferred. But if the office functions on an informal setup, choose something which will inspire the workers. Colours like deep maroons or rust are bold without losing the touch of professionalism you seek for the office.
  3. Wood always works – the warmth that wood brings to the office interior is just perfect for a modern decor. To create individual work spaces for employees, cubicles fashioned from hard wood with black trim and a single glass wall will add instant elegance to the office decor. For the walls you can go creative with the colours.
  4. Clutter free elegance – some people like to keep the office space free from distractions and any luxury interior designer in Dubai can work with great efficiency to create a suitable modern office interior design which works on the principle of clutter free spaces. Leather upholstered chairs, wooden flooring, a modern desk in black and white walls with open shelves in the same colour create an elegant space with no frills. For a splash of colour, install some plants.
  5. Simplicity is key – place a glass desk with leather and metalwork chairs, a simple floor drawer chest and include a wooden wall-length cupboard for an office that is simple yet invokes an air of power.
  6. Contrast works – a tasteful modern office decor can be created by playing to the strengths of the contrast of white and black. Glossy black chairs and desk with a modern light fixture like a floor lamp and white walls lined with white shelves covering the entire office make for a striking ambience. Install a window along a wall which gets maximum sunlight for a dramatic effect which will come from the play of natural light.
  7. A powerful triumvate – to create a dramatic effect in the office space while keeping true to the principles of modern interior design, pair blood red with black and white. Keep the flooring a red laminate, install w white desk and storage cupboards and choose a black chair. For the walls, an accent wall in red, another in black and the rest in white will create an inspiring decor.
  8. Conference mode – instead of sticking to the conventional neutral hues for the conference rooms, create a stylish space which embraces a professional ambience while at the same time evokes bonhomie and cooperation. One idea is to use wall art and simple patterns on neural walls can work great for a stylish yet formal space. Throw in some pieces of modern furniture along a long desk to enhance the ambience.
  9. Hidden functionality – if the office is plagued by space crunch, furniture with hidden storage spaces works really well. Desks with pull out drawers and cabinets, built-in cupboards and chairs with storage underneath make for ideal installations in this kind of decor scheme.
  10. Rustic style – a great style for modern offices is the vintage rustic look. Unpolished and reclaimed wood is used in abundance in these kinds of designs and walls are given a textured finish to create a vintage look. Maximum use of glass and wood makes this decor a charming office space.

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